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Podiatrist & Chiropodist Cardiff

Step Podiatry provides clinic-based service near Cardiff city centre and a mobile podiatry / chiropody service throughout the city and County of Cardiff we are HCPC registered professionals that pride ourselves on the personal touch we offer our patients.

Step Podiatry treat a wide range of foot and lower limb related conditions, injuries and infections. We offer personalised foot care based on your initial consultation and assessment in order to offer a foot treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

We also offer specialist support to those with sports injuries and diabetes foot pain.

Specialist Podiatry Cardiff

We offer a variety of foot-care services. All of our assessments and treatments are carried out by our HCPC Registered Podiatrists in a comfortable clinical setting.


We assess, identify and diagnose causes of foot pain and offer management strategies and treatment.
The foot and lower limb is a complex structure, the foot alone has 26 bones and has functions including gait, movement, stabilising, weight bearing and shock absorbing.
We can assess and diagnose causes of foot pain and offer management strategies and treatment.

Nail Surgery

This minor surgical procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic. The whole nail , or just a small slither of nail is then removed and a chemical applied to prevent regrowth.
This can be permanent resolution to painful ingrowing toenails.

Diabetic Foot Assessment

Worried about the impact of Diabetes on your feet? Ask our HCPC Registered Podiatrists carry out a comprehensive diabetic foot check.
We will assess the blood supply to your feet, your neurological status, identify lifestyle risks to your foot health, and risks from foot shape and footwear. We will offer advice, practical strategies and recommendations to help you keep your feet as healthy as possible. All our diabetic checks include a Doppler ultrasound assessment.

Verruca Treatment

We can offer a number of options to treat your verruca depending on their duration, your health status and age. Come along for a verruca assessment - we will do a full consultation, risk assessment and if suitable, a treatment options and an on going treatment plan be provided

Don’t delay in seeking professional advice and treatment for your foot concerns.

We are qualified and licensed health care professionals that put our patients first. 

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Foot Care Treatments

Heel Pain

Professional Footcare

We offer a variety of foot-care services. All of our assessments and treatments are carried out by our HCPC Registered Podiatrist in a comfortable clinical setting.

Painful corns, fungal nails, hard skin, cracked heels, painful ingrowing nails? Or maybe you need a little help to cut your nails? Book a podiatry/chiropody appointment.

We also offer a home visiting service in the Cardiff area. The same excellent Step Podiatry treatment in your own home.


Diabetic Foot Problems

Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which the body does not produce enough insulin or it has an impaired response to insulin leading to raised glucose levels in the blood (hyperglycaemia). Over time hyperglycaemia cam damage nerves and blood vessels. This damage can cause peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy can result in pain and lack of sensation which contributes to the potential for the person with diabetes to damage their feet.

Over 61,000 diabetics in the UK develop ulceration every year which has a significant impact on patient well-being. This ulceration if unmanaged can lead to even more severe consequences.

This is one reason that a thorough assessment of the diabetic foot by medically trained professionals is necessary and why NICE ( National Institute of Clinical Excellence) recommends an annual foot assessment for all diabetic patients.

Regular podiatric care can let you know if you have a low, moderate or high risk of complications related to your diabetes. It can offer strategies to improve your likelihood of ulceration and can monitor changes over time to help you manage your feet and keep them healthy.


Verruca Treatment

Verrucas are small wart-like bumps generally found on the feet, and they often have tiny black dots on the surface. A virus causes the verruca, call the human papillomavirus (HPV).

The virus infiltrates the skin’s protective barrier. Verrucae can be pain-free but often become painful because of hard skin forms over them.

We can offer some options to treat your verruca depending on their duration, your health status and age. Come along for a verruca assessment – we will do a full consultation, risk assessment and if suitable, treatment options and an ongoing treatment plan will be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Podiatrists are the feet specialists and our qualification allows us to diagnose, assess and treat most foot related pathologies. Most commonly we would see:

Hard skin



Ingrowing toenails


Sweaty feet



Athletes foot

Hammered toes

Foot infections

Heel pain

Diabetic foot assessments

Nail surgery

You’ll be greeted by our clinic receptionist who will ask you to fill out a podiatry consultation form. The information that will be required will be; your GP name and address, health conditions and current medications. This valuable information enables the podiatrist to understand your current health status and develop an individual treatment plan.

The first initial consultation lasts approximately 45 minutes. We need this time to complete a thorough assessment of your footwear, foot shape, and posture. A full doppler ultrasound assessment will be completed to assess the blood flow to your feet, and a short sensory nerve test will be carried out to check the sensation.

We will ask a few further questions about your occupation, lifestyle and activity levels and may well look at your footwear. This two-way conversation helps us to understand what is important to you and how we can help you to get the best out of your appointment.

Finally, the chiropody treatment will be completed, where we will address any issues, and carry out the procedure. This could include nail cutting, corns, ingrowing toenails, verruca and hard skin removal and any strategies for keeping your feet in the best possible condition.

The Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC), regulates all UK registered Podiatrists. The HCPC sets the standards for all UK Podiatrists and approve the degree level education that all HCPC Registered Podiatrists must complete. The HCPC also demands that all qualified Podiatrists participate in a program of continued professional development so you can be confident that your podiatrist is up to date with the latest innovations and health updates.

To be an HCPC podiatrist, the individual must complete a 3-4 year degree in Podiatry. There are only 13 universities in the UK offering BSc ( Hons) Podiatry. In addition to a challenging academic content and sound anatomical knowledge, the student podiatrist must complete over 1000 hours of practical clinical experience at a variety of NHS trusts and Health boards before qualification.

All new patients to Step Podiatry must book an initial assessment. This is slightly longer than a regular appointment, but it allows us to take the time to get to know you so we can offer the best possible service and treatment. As part of this appointment the Podiatrist will provide treatment and then advise you on the best appointment type for you, should you require tailor-made ongoing care to manage your foot condition.

In the vast majority of cases, there is no pain at all. Most of our patients find the experience enjoyable and leave feeling great.

If there is any likelihood that the treatment may be uncomfortable, we will warn you and check that you are happy to go ahead. We try to make time to reassure nervous, anxious or very young patients.

We welcome patients that have been referred by their GP or health professional, but you can make an appointment to see a podiatrist without a prior referral from your doctor.

Meet our Podiatrists

Qualified at Cardiff University and members of the College of Podiatry

Corinne BSc Podiatry
Corinne May, BSc Hons. Podiatry

Corinne May previously has worked, for the National Health Service and private practice. Corinne has worked for Oxford Health, Buckinghamshire and Surrey Downs trusts, where the majority of the caseload was ‘High Risk’ diabetic patients

Laura Dommett BSc Podiatry
Laura Dommett, BSc Hons. Podiatry

Laura Dommett has also worked for the National Health Service. Laura is particularly interested in elderly care and believes in using Podiatric treatments to promote independence and mobility.

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What Our Patients Say

We have always put our customers first and we will continue to do so

"I always combine my shopping trips to Cardiff with a visit to Laura or Corinne. I am very active, but finding it difficult to cut my nails as bending over hurts my back. There is free parking at the back, which makes it so easy."
Bridgend, CF31
"My job is a killer on my feet, I get some much hard skin, so coming every 3 months, stops my feet feeling like stone.
Also I love the little foot massage at the end."
Cardiff, CF5
"I have diabetes, I always am worried about my feet. I come about once a year for a foot check. It really reassures me, and it helps to settle my mind as they do very thorough tests."
Mrs Howells
Newport, NP10
"Just wanted to say a big thank you for my new feet! I feel like I could go dancing. I could not be happier to have found such a good chiropodist and just around the corner."
Whitchurch, CF14
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