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Available At Our Cardiff Clinic

Our Cardiff clinic is located on 321 Cowbridge Road, Cardiff CF51JD. We are directly opposite Peacocks and Canton Fish Bar. 

If you are travelling to us from further down the valleys (Rhondda Cynon Taff, Merthyr Tydfil, Llandaf, Radyr, Pontypridd or further) we have Free car parking facilities at the rear of the clinic. 


Assessing the injuries & pain to offer a diagnosis and cause of the foot pain, whilst also offering management & treatment strategies. 

Having a full diabetic foot analysis, including a Doppler ultrasound assessment, assessing blood supply, neurological status alongside some typical lifestyle questions to understand the risk of Diabetes to you.

Variable ways of removals of Verruca’s, Warts & Blisters. Including Cryotherapy.

Typically operated under local anaesthetic, offering full nail removal, or partial nail removal to prevent regrowth of painful ingrowing toenails. 

If this is your first appointment.

You will be greeted by one of our receptionists, who will ask you to complete a consultation form. The information needed on this form will be a list of your medical conditions, any medication you take. We also ask for personal details, such as your address and GP surgery details.

This information allows the podiatrist to understand you, your expectation and your podiatry need. The first appointment is longer than our usual appointments, taking approximately 45 minutes. This gives you time to explain to the podiatrist the reason for your visit and allows us time to carry out a thorough assessment and treatment.

The podiatrist will ask you to remove your shoes, socks or hosiery. This will allow the podiatrist to assess your feet, nails, skin. We also look at your posture and gait if required.

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On your first appointment, we will complete a neurovascular assessment, using an Ultrasound Doppler to assess your blood flow to your feet, and a monofilament to test your sensory nerves.

From this information, we devise a tailor-made treatment plan, and on agreement with you, we will then complete a full chiropody treatment, based on the information from your consultation form, and our assessments.

We will give you verbal information and/or leaflets to help you manage your aftercare at home if required. And there is always an opportunity to ask any questions and receive advice from our HCPC registered Podiatrists throughout the appointment.

Facilities Available At The Clinic
If you have any questions please get in touch.
029 2169 0021

Cardiff Bookings

Please try to arrive on time for your appointment, if it’s your first appointment, we suggest coming 5 minutes early as you will need to complete a consultation form.

If you arrive late for your appointment the time of your treatment session may be reduced if we have other patients scheduled after your appointment.

For booking appointments related to extreme sports injuries, or other intense pain, it is recommend you visit your local GP or emergency room prior to our clinic. 

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Our Podiatrists

All our podiatrists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and are members of The College of Podiatry.

Continual professional education ensures that our podiatrists are current with new research, technology in a developing medical environment. This allows us to offer the very best treatments and advice to our patients.

We offer a fully professional service in the heart of Wales’ capital city, Cardiff, South Wales.  Our highly qualified  podiatrists are expertly trained to preform each  biomechanical assessment, diagnose foot health related treatments and offer future advice on foot care. 

Leaflets and guidance available

We have many useful leaflets that you may want to take home, just ask the podiatrist
• Hammer Toes
• Verrucae
• Fungal Infections
• Diabetes
• Chilblains
• Heel Pain
• Nail Surgery aftercare

Why our location is great

Step Podiatry is found in the heart of Canton, midway along Cowbridge Road East. Surrounding shops include a bakery, cafés, a mobility shop, and the Post Office. Buses regularly stop along Cowbridge Road East.

Parking- 2 hours free parking in Harvey Street Car Park which is located a few metres away from the clinic. All that is required is your vehicle registration number and a ticket from the machine in the car park.

Travelling To Us