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We believe home visits are essential to our service, as for many of our patients coming to see us can be difficult. Don’t let transport or mobility issues stop you receiving the best quality foot care from a qualified, professional podiatrist. 

Let us come to you in the comfort of your own home. We offer a mobile podiatry and chiropody service in the Cardiff area.

Qualified, Experienced Podiatrists

Corinne May previously has worked, for the National Health Service and private practice. Corinne has worked for Oxford Health, Buckinghamshire and Surrey Downs trusts, where the majority of the caseload was ‘High Risk’ diabetic patients.

Laura Dommett has also worked for the National Health Service. Laura is particularly interested in elderly care and believes in using Podiatric treatments to promote independence and mobility.

Why Choose Us

Laura and Corinne are both HCPC registered Podiatrists, who can offer all chiropody services.

On your first appointment, a full foot health assessment will be completed, checking your senses and blood flow to your feet.

Laura and Corinne pride themselves on their friendly, reliable, caring and professional service. We believe in excellent customer service, enjoy meeting people and are genuinely interested in the individual.

We always put our patients first

If you have any questions please get in touch

Why have a home visit?

“I can’t reach my feet anymore.

“I don’t have time to get to a clinic. A home visit is more convenient.”

“I don’t have transport to get to you.”

” I’m worried I’ll hurt myself; my nails are just too thick!”

These are just a few reasons people come to us requesting a home visit. We don’t have any qualifying criteria for home visits, but some treatments are best carried out in a clinic. If there’s any uncertainty, please give us a call to discuss.

What will happen at a home visit?

For your first home visit, our podiatrist will introduce themselves and find somewhere suitable and comfortable for you to sit. We bring all of the equipment needed for the assessment and treatment with us. We will then take some medical details from you and carry out a foot health check. We then carry out the procedure. We are usually in your home for approximately 30 -45 minutes for an initial appointment.

Will the chiropodist/podiatrist be qualified and insured?

A fully qualified podiatrist will always see you. All of our podiatrists are HCPC Registered. You can check the HCPC website to verify that your podiatrist is trained to the required standards.

Can you help if I live in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Centre?

Yes. We see lots of patients in a whole variety of settings. Please do get in touch if you wish to discuss any specific needs you or your loved one may have.

Can you treat patients with dementia or with additional learning needs?

Yes. We may need some additional information but can work with family members or support staff to provide the best foot care we can.

We offer treatment to people from all walks of life and believe that everybody should have access to high-quality professional care when they need it.

In what areas do offer home visits?


We can provide podiatry home visits for the whole Cardiff area. We may be able to arrange an appointment in the surrounding area for an additional fuel surcharge. Please give us a call if you would like to find out more.

Do you provide home visiting podiatry care to larger groups?

Yes, we do. We offer a 10% discount for treatments booked at the same time for people living at the same address.


If you require more considerable group domiciliary nursing or care home podiatry treatment, please call our podiatrists to discuss our competitive rates.

We deliver quality footcare for all. Love your feet and they will last you a lifetime.

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