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How Much Does A Podiatrist Cost?

How much does a podiatry specialist cost? Podiatrists are medical professionals who specialise in foot care. They diagnose and treat conditions such as bunions, corns, flat feet, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, and other chronic conditions related to feet. Podiatrists are trained professionals who provide treatment for disorders or injuries affecting the human body’s lower extremities (feet). Most people never think to go to a podiatrist unless they have problems with their feet, however, if you are thinking about going to see a podiatrist anytime soon, you may be curious about the podiatry appointment. Here, we will explain everything that you need to know. 

Is It Worth Seeing A Podiatrist? 

If you have perfect feet with no medical issues and your medical history with your feet is fine, then it isn’t necessary. However, if you have recently suffered an injury involved with your feet or anything is making you feel uncomfortable in regards to your feet, then it is worth visiting a podiatrist as we are specially trained in treating any medical issues with the feet and we can even treat ankle pain. We offer many different services including:

– Orthotics

– Custom orthopaedic shoes

– Sports medicine

– Surgery

– Physical therapy

– Massage therapy

– Laser treatments

– Cosmetic procedures

– Paediatric foot cast

– Wound care

– Treatment of diabetic neuropathy

– Treatment of arthritis

– Treatment of plantar fasciitis

– Treatment of heel spurs

– Treatment of bunions

– Treatment of calluses

– Treatment of corns

Is Podiatry Free On The NHS?

Fortunately, yes, podiatry services are included with the NHS. This means that all patients on the NHS should receive free access to podiatry treatments from their GP. You don’t need to pay out of pocket for this service. If you do not qualify for the NHS podiatry, you might want to consider seeing a private podiatrist instead. Private podiatry clinics obviously charge more than the NHS but they often include additional benefits like discounts on prescription medicines and complimentary consultations. Some private clinics also offer extended opening hours so that you can visit them when it suits you best.

How Much Does It Cost To See A Podiatrist?

In the UK, the average cost of a patient assessment for a new patient is around 50 pounds and 80 pounds, depending on which clinic you go to, it can vary in price. In this type of podiatrist appointment, there is usually a consultation and if possible, there is a specialist treatment plan put in place for the future.

For example, if you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, you would probably be prescribed some form of orthotic device to help support the arch of your foot. After the initial consultation, you will be given a follow-up appointment where your specialist will review your progress and make adjustments accordingly.

Some treatments may have a cost associated with them depending on whether you are using private healthcare. Here are some common appointments that may include a cost, with a rough average costing which will vary on the area, the practice and the severity of your case; 

-Musculoskeletal appointment- £100-£200

-Diabetic foot examination- £60 -£150

-Podiatry surgery- £200 -£500

-Orthopaedic shoe fitting- £40 -£80

-Foot X-ray- £20 -£30

-Custom orthotics- £50 -£150

-Physical Therapy- £50 -£120

-Nail Surgery- £200-£650

It is worth checking the price, if there is one, with your local podiatrist clinic. As it will vary for different clinics.

What Are The Benefits Of Going To A Podiatrist?

There are many reasons why you should see a podiatrist regularly. One of the main ones is that they are experts at diagnosing and treating various foot health issues and can provide proper guidance for foot health. They can tell you what is wrong with your feet and how to fix it. They can also give advice on footwear that will help comfort your feet.

Another reason is that they can prescribe you custom foot orthotics that will correct any abnormal conditions with your feet. These devices can help prevent further injuries and keep your feet healthy and strong. Finally, they can perform minor surgeries such as nail removal, callus removal, and debridement. All these procedures are important to ensure that your feet remain comfortable and pain-free.

If you suffer from chronic or recurring foot problems, then it’s time to seek professional medical attention. Your podiatrist can diagnose your problem and recommend the most effective podiatry treatment options available.


Many reasons point to going to see a podiatrist, however, it is only necessary if you have problems with your feet. Podiatry care is free with the NHS but, if you decide to use private medical care, then you will have to pay. A foot X-ray seems to be the cheapest podiatric facility and nail surgery seems to be the most expensive. However, all of these facilities are very useful and essential for maintaining good health. If you have any questions about seeing a podiatrist, feel free to ask us here!

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