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Are flip flops bad for your feet? – Step Podiatry

So let me talk about flip flops from a chiropodists point of view.

So this is what you tell your podiatrist “They keep my feet cool., they are easy to throw on, they come in great colours and styles that just about anyone can love!”

‘They are casual, chic and they signify…………. SUMMER FUN!’

OK, but they are also pretty terrible for your feet! Sorry, I am guilty too……. look at my basket from a fantastic holiday in Brazil!!

Wearing flip flops are better than going barefoot because they do provide some protection for the bottoms of your feet.

But flip flops don’t offer any arch support or heel support. You have to grip them with your toes to keep them on!!

Flip flops are responsible for Blisters. Corns and hard skin. Bacterial infections. Athletes foot. Viral infections. Bad posture. Shooting pains in feet AND bunion exacerbation!! Not nice and very painful!

Got you thinking???? So should you throw all ten pairs in the bin?

It’s not an ideal world. We know you love ice cream and cocktails in the summer , so OK flip flops are in moderation, but be careful.


Shoes are not supposed to fold in half. No way no excuses!! Instead, you can buy flip flops that only bend just at the ball of the foot.

Does one size fit all ??? Really ?? Red Alert for foot safety! Please try and prevent a trip to A and E. Always try footwear on and make sure they fit correctly.

Please don’t wear them for running, hiking, walking long distances, standing for a long time or any exercise.

If you are still struggling to part with your flip flops and are developing hard skin on your heels or any of the above ailments, come to STEP PODIATRY.

Let us help you with the removal of that hard skin and give you the advice you need to keep your feet in tip-top condition.

Corinne May, BSc Hons. Podiatry. College of Podiatry Registered.

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